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Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro
explore the space between creation and consumption, questioning the layers that disguise the simple economics that underscore our increasingly complex lives. Their site-specific investigations of certain places are also investigations into the perception of the way things shift. Their art material is often found on site, recycled and reused in works that ponder the material and immaterial value of everyday objects. The artists’ explorations into formality, materiality, accumulation and transition manifest in works that relate closely either to the site in which they’re presented or from whence they derive.

Life Span

195,774 VHS video cassettes are arranged to form an incongruous monumental block inside the church. The amount is significant: the combined running time is enough to literally record the average person’s life of 66.1 years. Life Span is the physical representation of what may flash before one’s eyes before death.

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Artists Representation: Barry Keldoulis Gallery, Sydney and Gitte Weise, Berlin