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It’s hard to believe that the Ludoteca I walked into at the beginning of May is the same venue that will be unveiled tomorrow during the Vernissage. What was an after school care facility for local children, is now a mesmerising exhibition space displaying the work of four incredible artists across four rooms.  Along with five other Master of Art Administration students from COFA here assisting curator Felicity Fenner, I have been lucky to work closely with all the artists in the Once Removed exhibition: Vernon Ah Kee, Ken Yonetani, Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro.


We all spent the first three weeks working hard with Claire and Sean on their work Life Span. Their project has been epic to produce, and so rewarding. Without giving too much away, I can tell you that after days swinging from scaffolding, my fear of heights is almost completely gone. I have also discovered that human chains are incredibly effective ways of getting things done. And that when spritz prizes are on the table, productivity hits an all time high!

The past four weeks has been full of historic and special moments, be it placing the final piece of the sculpture on Life Span, hanging the first canvas in Vernon Ah Kee’s Cant Chant one evening last week, or watching the luminous oceanic lights dance across Ken Yonetani’s Sweet Barrier Reef coral sculptures for the first time.
The streets of Venice have also changed dramatically in the last few days. The usual tourist crowds are still here, but Via Garibaldi has become a hive of activity as Biennale goers pile into the restaurant and osteria seats enjoying a spritz or two in the sunshine.
Tomorrow is a big day for the Australian contingency, with a media preview at 10am at the Australian Pavilion in the Giardini, the opening of Once Removed at 5pm at the Ludoteca, two performances in conjunction with Sweet Barrier Reef, and then it’s off to the Artists Party at 9pm on a nearby island to celebrate.
And that’s just Day One….


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